Mission & Vision

Idaho Technology Council is a member driven organization committed to the success of Idaho’s technology ecosystem.  The voice of Idaho’s Technology Based Industry, driving Idaho to a knowledge based economy with initiatives around Talent, Access to Capital, and Commercialization.


ITC Unifies Diverse Corporate Interests with State and Federal Government Interests. ITC unifies them into a potent value proposition for all of us by building a competitive work force, driving research out of the lab and into our companies, and providing a powerful venue for expanding our networks.


ITC Advances Work Force Development and the talent pipeline as a critically important initiative as we continue to grow more high-paying, quality jobs for Idahoans. Strategic workforce development provides a uniform entry point for all of us into K-20 education and creates solutions for future opportunities.

ITC Creates a Network for Advancing Private Companies in Idaho and connects to national/international networks. The events that ITC run provide a perfect venue for expanding my companies network locally and nationally.

ITC Provides a Strong Voice in Idaho for Investing in Technology and Basic Research and development. These form the base for new innovations needed to grow our companies and keep them competitive. Furthermore, ITC supports the omnipresent need to “up our game” for research commercialization, tech2market, and similar strategies.


ITC is Instrumental in Building the Advocacy needed to convince our legislators and private industry to invest in high return initiatives that are necessary to propel new companies forward and retain and grow existing companies.