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The Computing Alliance is focused on growing the quantity and quality of technical professionals in Idaho.

A big goal, with big partnerships.

The Computing Alliance takes a multiple pronged approach to its goal of increasing quality and quantity of tech professionals, from K-12 through ongoing professional development.  We have several key areas of focus to tackle our goals. 


Increases idaho’s computing literacy by promoting exposure and access to computer sciences. Partners with State Board of Education, Legislature and Industry.

Sub Group of Idaho Computing K-Career. Focused on creating direct partnerships between Industry and Schools to increase student engagement in Tech.

Ensures alignment between education and industry needs. Provides channels for advisory boards to further connect with industry.


Support for additional pathways to tech based jobs and increase capability to meet demand for tech related talent.


Premier annual conference for technologists and technology related business professionals. Providing engaging and informative content that highlights new technologies and trends in Idaho.

Provides technology professionals and community an opportunity to learn and discuss various technologies and methodologies. Offering onthly presentations cycling through User Experience, Development, Operations, and Security.

Encourage and Support additional community events. Provide a community calendar of quality content relevant to technology based industry and individuals.


Idaho has seen growth in several tech platforms






AI-Big Data








A long history of partnership

Over the past decade the ITC has conducted over 20 focus groups with business leaders throughout Idaho asking the question:  “What are your top issues and what keeps you up at night?”  Every focus group identified talent as their number one issue.  

  • How do you attract talent?
  • How do you grow your own talent?
  • How do you fill positions requiring specialized skills?

The points bring light to the difficulty of growing an innovative company while trying to find the necessary talent to grow the company.

Through the work of several industry leaders like Brad Wiskirchen and Matt Rissell, we formed the ITC Software Alliance, which is now the Computing Alliance, focusing on growing the quality and quantity of computing professionals in Idaho.