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Focuses of the Capital Connect Group


    • Support the entrepreneur with their capital requirements as they grow their companies
    • Focus on early stage capital
    • Connect early stage companies with established companies for mentorship
    • Assist in creating a statewide pitch competition for capital
    • 50 to the A, a program to help 50 Idaho companies grow to Series A funding.

Idaho has a wide range of innovative startups and small companies which have the potential to grow significantly.  50 to the A shines a light on this fast growing segment of the Idaho economy and encourages early stage and institutional seed capital investors to come together with entrepreneurs to reach the goal of fifty Idaho based companies receiving Series A growth funding in a period of five years. This initiative will help grow the next wave of entrepreneurs for years to come. 

Special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) raised a record $76.2 billion in 2020, up 557 percent from 2019 and represents an attractive route for private companies, across industry verticals, to tap public equity markets. But SPAC mergers aren’t simple, and understanding the intricacies can be daunting. To help companies and investors navigate SPAC transactions, visit the KPMG SPAC Intel Hub, a knowledge center addressing the complexities of special-purpose acquisition company mergers that is updated regularly with the latest insights related to SPAC mergers. Visit and sign up for our SPAC alerts now to stay ahead.

One way to test the strength of a local economy is to measure the flow of capital into businesses as they scale and grow.  The ITC has worked on gathering data and published the Idaho Deal Flow Report over the past nine years on the flow of capital to Idaho companies in mergers & acquisition, private placement, and public offers.   We are also evaluating capital regarding industry and geographic location.  We must continue to grow capital to early stage and more mature companies in order to build a stronger, more vibrant knowledge economy. 

The Capital Connect group is co-chaired by Blake Hansen (Alturas Capital) and Alison Johnson (Holland & Hart) and is focused on helping capital flow to entrepreneurs that are growing innovative companies in Idaho.

We have tracked deal flow in Idaho since 2010.  We estimate we miss 25% of the deal flow in Idaho from deals that we weren’t able to track. 

Idaho Deal Flow Report

The purposes of the Reports are to identify and recognize:

  • Companies that raised capital and participated in other significant business transactions
  • Financing sources that provided capital to Idaho based business
  • Service providers and other professionals who supported capital raising efforts.


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