Apprenticeships have been around for a long time.  We are familiar with them in positions like electricians and plumbing.  The apprenticeship model is good way to confer skills to new people in specific fields.  Fields like I.T., Help Desk Support, Network Engineer, Web/App/Mobile Programmer, Database Administration, Network Security, Digital Marketing etc can all be taught using an apprenticeship model. 

Traditionally an apprentice may spend months sweeping and cleaning at a shop, just watching and learning.  Eventually the individual would start to perform basic tasks, gradually taking on more skilled work until their journeyman master deemed them qualified to work on their own.  Today, we can speed up that process!  We utilize intensive Boot Camp style education to kick start an individuals knowledge.  Getting them straight to doing useful work.


With a modern apprenticeship, the apprentice learns the basics upfront and continues to learn the mastery while on the job.  Some positions may provide basic training upfront with evening classes while they work.  There is a lot of flexibility in the program.  Because individuals are learning and working, the employee is brought up in the culture, values and practices of the employer.  This is part of why apprentices tend to stay with their employers much longer than a typical hire.  With an apprentice position, an employer doesn't have to worry about picking a candidate based on "fit" and "skill".  Hire the individual you WANT to work with, then add the skills!

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David Moore, Director of Talent