ITC Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Aggregate  Purchasing Program

We are excited to offer our ITC membership a compelling value to secure PPE, (Personal Protective Equipment), to reopen facilities more confidently, and productively as an assist to optimize business recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.  ITC is facilitating the program as offered to our member companies from Bonocore Technology Partners. LLC (BTP), and SM Health (SMH) to provide aggregated purchasing power for select FDA approved PPE.  In this program ITC members will place individual orders and enjoy the benefit of Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) level pricing with bundled freight in the unit price (FOB Boise). If you need additional PPE, outside of the select SMH ITC Customer Pricelist, please see the full SMH Product Catalog at the bottom of this page and contact SMH directly for a quote.

Details of the Program:

  • SMH is now providing ITC members with a select SMH ITC Customer Price (PDF attached), featuring select PPE including: masks, googles, face shields, Infrared Thermometers sanitizers and wipes for ITC member companies and friends to consider and order as they can add value to reopening by providing safety enhancement to employees, gig-workers, and visitors coming to member business facilities. If other PPE is needed below see the full SMH Catalog PDF and ask for quotation.
  • This SMH ITC Customer Price List will provide beneficial prices at established manufacturer(s) required Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs). Although, each individual member may not be able to place an order at MOQ, the MOQ price can be enjoyed with the aggregated purchasing power possible through ITC participation. Further, each unit price will include shipment to FOB Boise ID.  Each individual member can arrange to pick up the product personally, or by authorized carrier at the SMH Boise Warehouse. SMH will contact each member when the order is ready for pick up. Alternatively, a member can contact SMH to provide a shipment quote to have product shipment arranged and delivered to your location(s) by ground transportation.  
  • ITC can offer the special SMH ITC Customer Price List to individual member companies, or friends of ITC, for aggregate purchase advantage such that member companies can enjoy the FOB Boise bundled shipment price and use the MOQ price without individually meeting the MOQs. Ultimately, SMH will provide order acceptance, and acknowledgement when the aggregate MOQ level is met from all member orders placed in aggregate on a line-item basis. When the MOQ line-item quantity is realized, SMH will place the order with the manufacturer(s).
  • Individual Members Companies will issue Purchase Orders directly to SMH, specifying line-item products and actual order quantities (not MOQ) desired, but using MOQ pricing. Purchasing payment terms on the PO will be 100% with the purchase order, payable to: SM Heuristics.   
  • It is programmatically understood by friends of ITC and member companies participating, that SMH will hold the payments received with orders received until MOQ levels are met on an aggregate per line-item basis before placing the order to meet the aggregate MOQ requirement per line item.
  • SMH will not order from established manufacturer(s) until line-item orders aggregate to established MOQ levels Member companies can expect delivery 45-60 days after SMH places the aggregated unit orders with manufacturing. This allows time to manufacture and shipment to arrive by vessel from Asia for the FDA approved PPE products. This planning horizon should dovetail with the projected immunization schedule ramp, and a member’s desired or planned reopening date.
  • In the unlikely event MOQ is not met for a given line item, received at SMH, by May 30, 2021 to enable SMH to place a viable MOQ line-item order with manufacturer(s) then all payments received for such line-item orders not place with Manufacturer(s) will be promptly refunded directly to the participating ITC member expeditiously.
  • All POs and payments must mention ITC Special Product Catalog Offer and are to be issued to:



Questions please contact:

Bonocore Technology Partners                       

Bob Bonocore                                                  

President and COO                                                                  



Thank you for considering this program in planning partnership.  ITC is encouraging robust participation to enable members to enjoy the special pricing. We are confident it will help member companies secure necessary products which are exceedingly difficult to procure in the open market due to manufacturers established MOQs.  The program enables the MOQ price and optimal shipment terms for ITC members and friends.  The success of the program depends on a vigorous participation within ITC to get to the MOQ levels as soon as possible.    BTP and SMH look forward to the mutual success of the program with ITC and an opportunity to consider offering it again predicated on its viability and benefit to the participants.  See PDF below for SMH ITC Customer Price List; and the full catalog if you need PPE not converted directly from the program.



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CEO & Founder


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