Capital Connect

Capital Connect is comprised of leaders from across all aspects of industry, dedicated to supporting the entrepreneur with capital needs to grow their companies with a focus on early stage capital and mentor ship. Idaho is known for its varied ecosystem and has a wide range of innovative startups and early stage companies which continue to grow.

Capital Connect Series, a monthly YouTube series, has been produced to put faces to the stories that are heard about business success and innovation from across the state. Join Jay Larsen, CEO of the ITC, as he interviews leaders and discovers stories from Idaho’s flourishing capital network.

 Our yearly Capital Connect Conference is the capstone event for

50 to the A is an initiative that shines a light on this fast-growing segment of Idaho’s economy and encourages early stage investors to join together with entrepreneurs and reach the goal of fifty Idaho based companies receiving a Series A growth funding. Since the inception of 50 to the A in 2021, celebrations have already been held for eight companies.

The annual Idaho Deal Flow Report captures the mergers, acquisitions, private placements, and initial public offerings of companies in Idaho.  This report evaluates capital growth by geographic location and is used by many in industry as a guide to look at the overall health of Idaho’s capital ecosystem.


Capital Connect Series

A monthly series, exploring the stories of local successful business leaders.

Capital Connect Conference

Showing the strength in the local economy by measuring capital growth.

50 to the A

Shining a light on the fast growing companies in Idaho.

Idaho Deal Flow Report

Showing the strength in the local economy by measuring capital growth.