About Idaho Technology Council

Idaho Technology Council is the voice from industry to drive innovation across the State of Idaho. The ITC was founded in 2008 to fill a void found while founder/CEO Jay Larsen was compiling data for a project assigned by a US Representative to look for voices in Idaho’s technology community. While researching, it became clear that there was significant opportunity across the state’s economic regions for a unified voice.

Historically, Idaho has been known for its spirit of innovation and since its inception, the Idaho Technology Council has been committed to the continued growth of innovation and transforming Idaho’s future through three primary initiatives:

  • Ensuring that Idaho develops and maintains talent that is world-class and prepared to enter the tech ecosystem. This includes advocating the importance of computer science to primary and secondary educators and students and putting Idaho talent first so companies do not have to look elsewhere.
  • Creating and maintaining capital streams that partner with start-ups to grow Idaho’s tech future.
  • Helping Idaho companies bring their home-grown innovations to markets across the globe.
Wanting to get involved? Interested in transforming Idaho’s future? Please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!