2020 Has Challenged Us All

Idaho companies are demonstrating their innovation, persistence, and resilience.





Idaho's natural beauty relies on fire to rejuvenate.  The pine cone of the Lodgepole Pine, Sitka Spruce, Douglas fir, Ponderosa Pine, and Western White Pine all release seeds in response to environmental triggers.  This response ensures that our forests continue to thrive.



This Year, We Celebrate You.



For this years Hall of Fame, the Innovation Awards are being postponed while we celebrate those that have adapted.  Those that refused to go down.

This year, we celebrate those that have navigated a harsh environment and survived or even thrived.



Idaho Resilience 2020 is about sharing the stories of companies that have survived or thrived in the face of a quickly changing economy, a pandemic, an earthquake, fires, and social upheavals. 

This year at Hall of Fame we will share the stories of companies that have turned 2020 into a record year, or quickly adapted their business model to be able to keep the doors open.  


Click Here to find out how to submit your company's story to be shared at the Idaho Resilience Showcase.  Submissions must be made by October 5th 2020.


The Idaho Resilience 2020 Showcase would not be possible without our sponsors and community members.



Sponsorships for the 2020 Hall of Fame and the Idaho Resilience 2020 Showcase are available.

For additional information please contact Darci Yarrington at dyarrington@idahotechcouncil.org.