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Cyber Idaho Mini-Summit

The ITC Cyber Idaho committee has the goal to generate a dynamic statewide community built around networking opportunities and knowledge sharing; increased engagement between industry and education to develop talent; and support individual professionals and teams.

Cyber Idaho Mini-Summit
Wednesday, November 16 hosted by St. Luke’s in Boise – details with registration.

Featured Presenters:

  • Morning 11am-12:10pm:
    • James McCarter, ShadowscapeExecutive Decision: Reducing Uncertainty with Intelligence-Driven Cyber Risk Analysis – Cyber threats represent a complex and irritating problem to most business owners and decision makers. Without a clear plan in place that communicates the value that security brings to an organization, investing in security can seem like a never ending money pit. This presentation will discuss how intelligence-driven cyber risk analysis can provide your organization with a clear understanding of what security you need, where to implement it and how to assess its impact in lowering your organizations’ cyber risks.


  • Networking Lunch sponsored by Boise State University*


  • Afternoon 12:40pm-1:50pm:
    • Eleanor Taylor, INL & Rob Helton, INL: National & Homeland SecurityIdaho National Laboratory’s Consequence-driven Cyber-informed Engineering – Consequence-driven Cyber-informed Engineering (CCE) is an R&D 100 Award-winning methodology focused on securing the nation’s critical infrastructure systems. Developed at Idaho National Laboratory, CCE starts with the assumption that if a critical infrastructure system is targeted by a skilled and determined adversary, the targeted network can and will be penetrated. This “think like the adversary” approach provides critical infrastructure owners, operators, vendors, and manufacturers with a disciplined methodology to evaluate complex systems, determine what must be fully safeguarded, and apply proven engineering strategies to isolate and protect an entity’s most critical assets.

      Join INL’s Rob Helton and Eleanor Taylor to learn more about CCE and how it might bolster your agency’s or business’s cybersecurity posture.

Register Below – *registration required for lunch: