Develop.Idaho 2024 – AI.daho: The Future is Now!

1st Rotation

The Myth of the GenAI Value Proposition: Ignore the Robot Behind the Curtain

Location: Loft – 5th Floor

Presenter: Brad Frazer, Partner, Hawley Troxell

Generative artificial intelligence, or GenAI, is the most rapidly adopted technology the world has ever seen, surpassing even cell phones and web browsers. But with that explosion of use and opportunity comes several key legal concerns: Can you own the output? Will you get sued for using it? Will your insurance cover it? Join our speaker and Hawley Troxell partner Brad Frazer for an engaging and interactive discussion of the best (and worst!) legal practices for using GenAI.


Digital Literacy Panel

Location: Move – 5th Floor

Facilitator: Katie Bosch-Wilson


Reid Stephan, CIO, St. Luke’s Health Systems;

Amit Jain, Chair and Professor, Department of Computer Science, Boise State University

Nick Crabbs, CEO, VYNYL

Lindsay Davis, Computer Science Instructor, Boise High School

As Idaho continues to develop as a leader in the space of technology, computational thinking and digital literacy are becoming a bigger need for our K-12 and beyond students. Come and learn about the importance from a panel of educators, industry partners and board members.  We are excited to share what is happening in the space, and how you can plug in to support education and industry partners.


Licensing AI-Enabled Applications

Location: Inspire – 4th Floor

Presenter: Toussaint L. Myrics, Software Commercialization Manager, Idaho National Laboratory

An interactive discussion focused on the Idaho National Laboratory’s recent licensing activities involving AI-enabled applications.


2nd Rotation

GenAI in Action: Strategies for Success

Location: Loft – 5th Floor

Presenter: Darrel Cherry, Distinguished Engineer, Clearwater Analytics

In this presentation, Darrel delves into the evolving realm of AI, with a focus on the practical implementation of Generative AI. He will cover design principles and insights for optimizing success while effectively managing risks. Darrel will also share tangible strategies that have empowered Clearwater Analytics to leverage GenAI, enhancing operational efficiency and fostering innovation within the organization.


Upskilling Panel

Location: Move – 5th Floor

Facilitated by: Jet Hansen


Christy Calhoun, Chief Content Officer, Healthwise

John Shovic, University of Idaho

Nitin Negi, Micron

Kari Reynolds, Slalom

Upskilling is the process of learning new skills or of teaching workers new skills. How are businesses in Idaho upskilling their employees to use AI in their daily work and/or integrate AI in their solutions.


The Future of Digital Health: A Fireside Chat

Location: Inspire – 4th Floor

Presenters: Adam Pelligrini, CEO, Jasper Health and Brian Ancell, CEO, Sounder Benefits

The post pandemic digital health market has changed dramatically. There is a seismic shift in where the market is heading and the funding opportunities.


3rd Rotation

How do we promote innovation leveraging GenAI with the right governance, security, and process guardrails?

Location: Loft – 5th Floor


Shree Nath, Director of Data & Analytics and GenAI, Slalom

Kari Reynolds, Principal and Generative AI Business Strategy Leader, Slalom

Join us for an interactive discussion with two industry experts that can provide guidance on adopting GenAI technologies in your business and how to prepare.


AI in Education. The Future is now and Idaho is leading it with GuardRailz EdTech Platform

Location: Move – 5th Floor

Presenter: Brian Jagger, Founder and CTO, GuardRailz

This presentation will cover how Educators, Students and Districts/Schools will be applying AI helping their students learn and educators to become more efficient and effective. Brian Jagger the CTO of GuardrailZ (headquartered in Meridian, ID) will discuss current pilot programs and use cases including College of Western Idaho for higher education.


The Backbone of AI: What You Need to Know About The New Hardware/Software Relationship

Location: Inspire – 4th Floor

Presenter: Steve Hanna, Head of Product Management, Data Center QLC SSDs, Micron

Where AI data is stored and how fast that data is able to flow through servers is what underpins the future of AI advancement. Learn how to use and move 30-100 terabyte-sized data lakes with ease and how to architect your hardware and software futures based on the latest memory, and storage trends and that are being developed in Idaho and used worldwide. Presented by the team that won this year’s Idaho Technology Council Peregrine Innovation Technology Idavation Award, the Micron 6500 ION.