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The Computing Alliance (CA) takes a multiple pronged approach to its goal of increasing quality and quantity of tech professionals, from K-12 through ongoing professional development.

The CA works with individuals who are passionate about their work to advance its mission. You can become involved with the CA committee, a particular initiative, or even a single SPARK program in your area of focus. Contact the ITC today and add your voice and experience to this important mission.

Mission: Transform Idaho’s future by growing the quantity and quality of technology professionals.

Objective #1: Improve the college/career readiness of students leaving high school

Objective #2: Provide technology education to professionals

Objective #3: Improve and grow collaboration amongst technology professionals

These objectives are realized through the following initiatives:


The K-12 committee is focused on enhancing Idaho’s ability to prepare students with the technical skills needed in the modern world. Technical knowledge is increasingly necessary even in fields that are not often considered “tech”. Students should be prepared with a level of understanding of their digital footprint and cyber safety. The committee works with the State Board of Education and other governmental agencies to establish long term solutions including increasing the number of certified teachers.

Computer Science

A primary area of interest for the committee is pursuing a change to Idaho’s high school graduation requirements to include credits in Computer Science. This would expose students to new opportunities as well as provide a basic understanding of safety online.

Higher Education

Career ready students require a solid connection between industry and educational entities. The ITC maintains connections with all the Universities and Colleges in Idaho, connections to industry, and supports the industry lead advisory panels for education.

Alternate Pathways

The ITC believes there are multiple pathways to careers. The ITC partners with industry, education, and government to increase access and awareness of programs available. Traditional university programs are valuable, yet job roles evolve and so must the skill sets needed for them.


Provides a way for people to learn coding and other areas of technology to advance current careers or a career change.


Career changing individuals in particular, can leverage existing skills sets in new ways with additional technical training.

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SPARK is a networking and education initiative that supports the tech ecosystem in Idaho through a monthly presentation series for professionals by professionals.

Contact the ITC by email today to get involved, attend, become a presenter, and learn more.

Watch previous presentations in this series below.

Objective #1: Subject matter experts presenting a deep dive on a cycling series of topics

Objective #2: Foster an open environment encouraging curiosity and questions

Objective #3: Encourage networking, sharing, and growth through peer engagement

The SPARK series is focused around the following areas:

  • Cyber
  • DevOps
  • IoT/Mobility
  • Cloud
  • XR/UX
  • Data
  • FinTech/eCommerce
  • Program Management

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The DevOps movement has as many definitions as it has practitioners. The core value proposition of DevOps is maximizing the efficiency of software development and operations, reducing the time and overhead of getting usable code from a developer’s desk to a customer’s product. Each enterprise has unique challenges in optimizing this delivery pipeline, from requirements management, to coordination of multiple developers, to function and performance testing, to creating environments and automating deployments.

Develop Idaho Logomark

Develop.Idaho brings tech professionals from across the state together in an environment of learning and networking. This event brings something for everyone, from technical to entrepreneurs to students. Attendees can hear local and out of state visionaries and thought leaders speak on industry topics impacting their work and community. Highlighting the people and solutions driving our economy. Watch the events page for details.

Women In Technology

Foster a growing percentage of women pursuing technology in Idaho and identify where and how to nurture the technology ecosystem.

Rural Development

Focused on bringing engaging presentations, networking, and support for technology build-out to rural Idaho.

The Cyber Idaho committee has the goals to generate a dynamic statewide community built around networking opportunities and knowledge sharing; increased engagement between industry and education to develop talent; and support individual professionals and teams.

These goals will be pursued through an annual half-day conference that is supplemented by 3-6  ~1 hour long peer-to-peer topic deep dives.

Program recordings are made available in the playlist below.

Computing Alliance Presenting Sponsors

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ITC Cyber Idaho Mini Summit 2022

The ITC Cyber Idaho committee has the goal to generate a dynamic statewide community built around networking opportunities and knowledge sharing; increased engagement between industry and education to develop talent; ...and support individual professionals and teams.

Cyber Idaho Mini-Summit was held, and recorded, Wednesday, November 16, 11am-2pm. Hosted by St. Luke’s Health Systems in Boise (0:00:07).

Featured Presenters:
James McCarter, Shadowscape (0:02:18)
Executive Decision: Reducing Uncertainty with Intelligence-Driven Cyber Risk Analysis – Cyber threats represent a complex and irritating problem to most business owners and decision makers. Without a clear plan in place that communicates the value that security brings to an organization, investing in security can seem like a never ending money pit. This presentation will discuss how intelligence-driven cyber risk analysis can provide your organization with a clear understanding of what security you need, where to implement it and how to assess its impact in lowering your organizations’ cyber risks.

Cyber Idaho and Boise State University (0:59:39)

Eleanor Taylor, INL & Rob Helton, INL: National & Homeland Security (1:04:48)
Idaho National Laboratory’s Consequence-driven Cyber-informed Engineering – Consequence-driven Cyber-informed Engineering (CCE) is an R&D 100 Award-winning methodology focused on securing the nation’s critical infrastructure systems. Developed at Idaho National Laboratory, CCE starts with the assumption that if a critical infrastructure system is targeted by a skilled and determined adversary, the targeted network can and will be penetrated. This “think like the adversary” approach provides critical infrastructure owners, operators, vendors, and manufacturers with a disciplined methodology to evaluate complex systems, determine what must be fully safeguarded, and apply proven engineering strategies to isolate and protect an entity’s most critical assets.
Join INL’s Rob Helton and Eleanor Taylor to learn more about CCE and how it might bolster your agency’s or business’s cybersecurity posture.
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