50 To The A Logomark

50 to the A is a campaign spearheaded by the Idaho Technology Council’s Capital Connect initiative that shines a light on this fast-growing segment of Idaho’s economy and encourages early-stage investors together with entrepreneurs and reach the goal of advancing fifty Idaho based companies receiving a Series A growth funding. Since the inception of 50 to the A in 2021, celebrations have already been held for eight companies.

Comprised of industry experts that are committed to providing guidance and assistance with obtaining capital in Idaho, the team has broad and deep experience across a wide array of industries. The team is enthused at the prospect of increasing innovation and helping new businesses join the ranks of rapidly growing companies in Idaho.


  • Identify Companies on the Runway
  • Build Community of Advisors
  • Mentor and Network the Runway Companies to a Successful Series A
  • Celebrate Achievement of Series A

50 to the A Celebration and Capital Connect Showcase

50 to the A Celebrations happen several times a year and highlight companies that have achieved Series A funding. The celebration and Showcase highlights the immense time and effort founders have put into their companies, and their contribution to Idaho’s startup ecosystem. Want to see 50 to the A in action? Learn about the next event here.