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The growth and competitive advantage of Idaho technology companies is supported by a healthy R&D base. A study from the Harvard Business Review indicated that leading companies commercialize two to three times the number of new products as their competitors, bring their products to market in less than half the time, and incorporate two to three times as many technologies in existing products.

With one of the highest patents per capita, Idaho has nearly an unlimited supply of great ideas that have potential for commercialization. To support the growth and competitive advantage of Idaho companies, the ITC seeks to strengthen R&D activity in our state. The benefits of building Idaho’s R&D base also include broadening the state’s economic base by developing new industries, adding value to Idaho’s traditional products, and increasing federal funds that flow to Idaho.

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Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) Research Initiative ITC led the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) research initiative for $5 million ongoing funding and supported HERC in the distribution of Idaho Grants and Innovation Grants to promising Idaho tech companies. We also hosted a new Confluence event to support the commercialization efforts of top Idaho R&D leaders.

ITC Cloud Services Clarification LegislationTo help protect Idaho companies and clarify that cloud-based services, like all services in Idaho, are exempt from sales tax, the ITC and its partners took decisive action to amend legislation to clarify that Idaho cloud services are a nontaxable service in Idaho.

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