Frequently Asked Questions about the Software Alliance

What is the value of the ITC Software Alliance?

Building a technology company doesn’t occur in a vacuum. To be successful, it’s critical to stay plugged into key resources that can help grow your business. The ITC Software Alliance will directly benefit your business through allowing you to stay connected with the broader software community, giving access to human capital, and providing collaboration opportunities with your peers. Ultimately, it’s a lot more fun to build a software company with others in your community compared to isolating yourself and trying to do it alone.

The ITC Software Alliance recognizes that in a small state like Idaho, it’s critical to have unity among industry professionals. We are committed to helping Idaho software companies start, grow, and thrive through leading key initiatives that build a stronger Idaho business environment.

How has the ITC Software Alliance made a difference in Idaho’s tech community?

In the relatively short time of only a few years, the ITC Software Alliance has permanently changed the landscape of Idaho’s software community. A few of our key accomplishments include, but are not limited to:

  • Founding a central organization that can serve as a resource for Idaho software professionals. Shortly after it was founded, the ITC Software Alliance merged with the Idaho Software Employer’s Alliance to consolidate resources and provide more value to Idaho software professionals. The ITC Software Alliance grew from six members at its first meeting to now having an average of 80 members at each quarterly meeting. With more than 600 members on its distribution list who represent a variety of different companies, the ITC Software Alliance is a group that effectively acts as the voice of the Idaho software industry.
  • Organizing develop.idaho, a signature industry-led event intended to promote and support the software community in Idaho. Ever since 2011, develop.idaho has provided unique value through providing a venue for local and national industry leaders to educate our community about industry trends and best practices. develop.idaho exposes technology concepts to developers, designers, entrepreneurs and students and inspires attendees to learn new technical concepts, start a business or take their company in a different direction.
  • Partnering with Tech Cocktail, a national media company, to provide national exposure for Idaho startups. Ever since our initial partnership with them in 2011, each year, Tech Cocktail has joined forces with the Idaho Technology Council to showcase Idaho innovations and startups at their annual Tech Cocktail Boise startup mixer.
  • Creating the CS (Computer Science) Extras Program. This is an industry-guided program organized by the ITC Software Alliance’s Education Committee to develop a stronger pipeline of software talent. CS Extras accomplishes this by using presentations, interactive coding sessions, and other training methods to educate, inspire, and motivate the next generation of software professionals. This program also partners with Idaho universities to help their students tap into a network of software professionals. Since its inception, this program has been highly successful at strengthening the retention and graduation rates of Idaho computer science students.
  • Playing a critical role in passing the Idaho Cloud Services Clarification Act. Last year, the Idaho Tax Commission ruled that Idaho cloud services were taxable transactions and also required Idaho tech companies to pay sales taxes of previous transactions that took place since the inception of their business. The implementation of this policy would have driven many existing technology companies out of Idaho and created an environment unfriendly to new technology businesses that used cloud-based software services.
  • The ITC Software Alliance rallied its members to testify to Idaho legislators about the economic harm this policy would cause to Idaho technology companies. We worked with the ITC Public Policy Committee to educate Idaho legislators about cloud-based software services and were involved in every stage of the process. Because of this advocacy effort, House Bill 243, which clarified cloud-based software services as nontaxable transactions, passed the House and Senate Taxation Committees unanimously, passed the House 65-2, and the Senate unanimously, 34–0

Do I have to be a member of the Idaho Technology Council to join the ITC Software Alliance?

You are not required to be an official member of the Idaho Technology Council (ITC) to be involved with our efforts. However, if you see the value provided through the ITC, we encourage you to support our efforts through becoming a member. The ITC is entirely funded through private members and your support makes a significant impact in our success.

How do I join the ITC Software Alliance?

Please sign up for the ITC Software Alliance’s emails to be notified about the date and location of our quarterly meetings.

How can I get involved in the ITC Software Alliance’s mission?

Please contact any of the following leaders in the ITC Software Alliance:

ITC Software Chair:
Jim Gasaway

Software Alliance Events Committee:
Martin Hambalek

Software Alliance Marketing Committee:
Hobart Swan
Vocalize PR

Software Alliance Education Committee:
Scott Schimanski

Software Alliance Recruitment Committee:
Tim Ramey
WhiteCloud Analytics