March 13, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Zions Bank, Business Resource Center
800 W. Main Street
Boise ID
6th floor

Adding Value to Your Brand Through Brand Planning

What do the most valuable brands have in common? They all typically stem from a concise and unique brand position. It’s that one short sentence that you can repeat in the elevator that conveys the essence of what your company or organization is.

Although that brand position should be short, getting to it requires research, analysis and a fearless commitment to carve out what isn’t needed while embracing your brand’s real value to your audience.

Marketing and public relations expert Ward Duft, CEO at Duft & Watterson, will:

  • Discuss the basic steps to discovering a brand position
  • Show you tried and true brand position examples
  • Explain how you could express your brand position to your market.

*Seating is limited to 18. Email idresources@zionsbank.com or call 208-501-7573 to reserve your seat.

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