2017 Energy Connected Conference 
March 1st, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
BSU Sky Center

The 2017 Energy Connect conference will focus on how to start a cyber protection strategy in your business, how to sustain this strategy against growing sophistication of the threats, and educating us on what Idaho businesses and government agencies need to know about the national and global basis of these cyber attacks.  This conference will help you understand the threats and their dynamic nature while preparing you with strategic approaches to prevent, mitigate, and recover from cyber attack.  

The recent cyber attack on Ukraine’s electrical grid, cutting power to over 100,000 people for six hours, is a stark warning of what is to come.  Sophisticated breaches of our privacy and security are an immediate threat that continues to rise in volume and intensity. And it is not just blue chip companies and governments that are under attack.  Now these attacks are increasingly focused on “mom and pop” businesses of all kinds – retail shops, guide services, boutique tourism providers, hotels, health clinics, and colleges are getting hammered.  And it is pushing many of our entrepreneurs to bankruptcy.  According to the F.B.I., almost half (43%) of the cyber-attacks worldwide last year were on businesses of less than 250 employees.  

Recent attacks have showcased the devastating effects of hackers and it’s estimated that cybercrime costs over $400 billion per year to the global economy. Our state is poised to grow its tech economy, but to secure its future, we need stronger infrastructure to protect the thousands of companies that call Idaho home. Join us for an engaging conversation about Idaho cybersecurity research, industry trends, and collaboration opportunities between education and industry.

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Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Information about energy trends and future opportunities…

The conference attracts some of Idaho’s top researchers and industry leaders. Learn about research that will shape Idaho's energy future and about the energy trends affecting our state’s industry.

Unmatched networking opportunities…

This event attracts venture capitalists, top researchers, and entrepreneurs from across Idaho. It’s an ideal setting to network for investors or to meet prospective strategic partners.

Inspiration from industry leaders…

The conference isn’t just for researchers. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about top energy commercialization opportunities in Idaho and hear success stories from those in the industry.

Who should attend

What to bring

What you gain…

Startups & entrepreneurs

Cybersecurity and related technologies, products, services and ideas

Access to an ecosystem of potential customers, other entrepreneurial collaborators and potential sources of funding

Energy providers & utilities

Cybersecurity transformation –what emerging problems need focus and new solutions

Understanding of the cybersecurity challenges and solutions to meet present and future energy security needs

Established Idaho businesses 

A unique perspective on cybersecurity and technology gaps that must be bridged to protect your industry  

Future employees, partnerships with small startups, and opportunities for potential technology acquisitions to create or transform product lines

Researchers active in cybersecurity and related technologies

Early stage cybersecurity technology and innovation research

Access to entrepreneurs to transform technology into a business, key insights into cybersecurity sector business needs, access to other technology collaborators

Angel investors, venture capital, private equity

Build awareness of funding opportunities, provide insights from an investors point of view

Unique access to startups, entrepreneurs, and other businesses that will require investment capital to grow and prosper

Legislators, state and local policy makers

Interest in developing locally grown and sustainable cybersecurity solutions, university and student talent pipelines and collaborative opportunities.

Insights for local, state and federal policies to enable the next generation of  cybersecurity and business professionals shaping the world economy

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The ITC Energy Connected Conference is an amazing opportunity to connect with professionals from all areas of energy: technology, utilities, funders, entrepreneurs, researchers, engineering, INL, academia and policy makers.


The event showcases Idaho's exceptional intersection of micro chip and potato chip. Valuable networking, research, and business opportunities!