Corey Smith

Tribute Media

You know, I have a varied past. Well, a really varied past. Usually, when you think of someone that runs a Web firm, you think of either a coder or a graphics guy.

Well, I am neither.

At 16, I ran an offset printing press for my father.

At 21, after a mission for my church in Albania, I bought and sold printing and graphics services. I taught myself how to use my $400 Macintosh to produce graphics that I could sell. IKON Office Solutions actually hired me to use my self-taught graphics skills to run a graphics department for them in Salt Lake City in 1998… the same year I married my beautiful bride, Jennifer.

Together, Jen and I have five wonderful children… yeah… full house.

I have always had a passion for business, technology and education. So, after working in the office equipment industry for over 8 years, teaching graphic design for Web at University of Utah, serving as a Color Systems Specialist for Canon USA, working hard to learn what I could, and going back to school for my undergraduate in Information Technology and a Master in Business administration, both from University of Phoenix, I started Tribute Media in 2007. As President of Tribute Media, I also serve as the Chief Web Architect for Dealer Marketing Systems serving office equipment resellers.

During the years since starting Tribute Media, I’ve worked hard to develop talents that can be shared with others. I figure that a talent that can’t be shared isn’t a talent worth having. Because of this, I decided to write my first book, Do It Right: A CEO's Guide to Web Strategy. I believe that my book is one example of how I can share what I’ve learned.