VB Google will open-source its Earth Enterprise on-premises software in March

Google today announced that in March it will open-source its Google Earth Enterprise software, which lets organizations deploy Google Maps and Google Earth in their on-premises data center infrastructure.

Google unveiled the software back in 2006 and stopped selling it nearly two years ago. Since then, Google has released updates and provided support to organizations with existing licenses. Once it pops up online — on GitHub, under an Apache 2.0 license — organizations will be free to collaboratively or independently modify it for their own needs as open-source software.

Of course, Google is in the business of public cloud infrastructure, on top of which organizations will be free to deploy Google Earth Enterprise. And the Google Cloud Storage service already hosts imaging. Google will try to facilitate the use of these resources by publishing instructions for running Google Earth Enterprise on its public cloud, Google Cloud senior technical solutions engineer Avnish Bhatnagar wrote in a blog post.

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