Join us Sept. 13th at Boise Centre East for develop.idaho 2017

The 7th annual develop.idaho event is a half-day, industry-led event created to promote and support the software community in Idaho. As we know, "a rising tide raises all ships!" The event is designed to coalesce Idaho’s software professionals -- developers, business professionals, designers, entrepreneurs and students -- in a collaborative and fun atmosphere, while showcasing some of the area’s top industry companies and talent.


  • Attendees can hear local and out-of-state visionaries and
    thought leaders speak on industry topics impacting their work
    and community

  • While other events teach the “How” of software and hardware
    development, develop.idaho answers the “Why” by highlighting
    the people and solutions driving our economy

  • Speakers get the chance to share their stories and promote their
    businesses before many of Idaho’s most talented technologists


Conference: Duree Westover at
Sponsorships: Heidi Jarvis-Grimes at
Speakers: Chris Johnson at


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