ITC Software Alliance Meeting, May 10, 2017

After taking a break for a few months for the Idaho Technology Council (ITC) Software Alliance leadership team to plan this year’s initiatives, we met at Boise State’s computer science building downtown. Lunch was hosted through the sponsorship of In Time Tec, the company led by Dan Puga, the 2017 Chair of the ITC Software Alliance.  

Dan started the meeting by giving a short overview of ITC’s mission to help Idaho companies start, grow, and thrive. The ITC focuses on three main areas: Helping tech companies gain access to capital, improve R&D commercialization efforts, and building a stronger talent pipeline. Dan noted a few ITC accomplishments in these areas, such as improving access to computer science courses in Idaho's K-12 education system and passing the Cloud Services Clarification Act, which protected Idaho companies from being taxed on cloud-based services.   

Between our last meeting, Dan and the ITC leadership team were building a plan to focus on areas that ITC Software Members wanted to prioritize. To name a few, these areas included software education, partners and startups, advanced education, and supporting centers of excellence.

Based on feedback from leaders in Idaho’s tech community, Dan and ITC leadership felt the ITC Software Alliance had an opportunity to make a strong impact in building our state’s talent pipeline. With these plans underway, Dan announced that the ITC Software Alliance would start getting back into a regular meeting cadence, with at least one meeting per quarter.

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