ITC’s Heidi Jarvis-Grimes Chosen as International BioGENEius Challenge Judge

Heidi J. Jarvis-Grimes, Vice President of Development at the Idaho Technology Council (ITC), was selected by the Biotechnology Institute as an International BioGENEius Challenge Judge at the Biotechnology International Convention – The Global Event for Biotechnology in San Diego, June 19-22.

The International BioGENEius Challenge challenges students to address problems in healthcare, food supply, clean industry, and the environment. Open to high school or home schooled students from across the world, the competition allows innovative student projects to take center stage with all the world watching. In 2015, the Biotechnology Institute more explicitly expanded the breadth of the International BioGENEius Challenge to include separate consideration in the fields of healthcare, agricultural biotechnology (sustainability), and industrial/environmental biotechnology.

Finalists for the competition have demonstrated exceptional innovation in these three fields. Past student projects have included groundbreaking topics ranging from optical tweezers to advanced methods of detecting resistant bacteria in hospitals. One past winner, Nathan Kondamuri, investigated how to create a biofuel cell that can mimic the process of photophosphorylation to transform light into electrical energy.

There are 16 finalist projects in the international competition this year and there is an opportunity for students to win significant cash prizes in the three challenge categories. Only 14 judges are selected to judge the most promising projects from students around the world.

“Given the impact of these projects and the potential for commercialization, being selected as a judge is a rare honor. With Heidi’s extensive background at ISU and Washington State, she is the perfect candidate to evaluate projects at the International BioGENEius Challenge. We’re honored to have someone with her talent represent Idaho,” said Jay Larsen, ITC President.

Jim Greenwood, President and CEO, Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), noted “the perfect theme for BIO 2017 is “Breakthrough" and created this video that showcases the breakthrough leadership, technology, and science that happens every day in our industry.